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Changing One Life At A Time Missions  Team

Changing One Life At A Time Missions was established as the Lord spoke to Minister Estelle Walker and laid it on her heart to continue to serve His people both at home and in foreign lands.   The first meeting of Changing One Life At A Time Missions was held on August 2, 2019 with Minister Estelle and five other members.  During that time, Changing One Life At A Time Missions has organized several events to service the needs of God’s people in our local area.


Prior to establishing Changing One Life At A Time Missions, this group served as missionaries, along with missionaries from other regions of the United States, in Kingston, Jamaica with Jamaica Outreach Missions.  Jamaica Outreach Missions was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Mother Sybil Blunt and directed by her son, Pastor Emil Thomas, and later partnered with Canaan Missionary Baptist Church.  As members of Canaan, we traveled on yearly missions to Kingston.  Due to age and declining health of Mother Blunt, and pastoral duties of Pastor Thomas, Pastor Thomas appointed Minister Estelle Walker as Director in 2012 and Jamaica Outreach Missions has continued our missions teaching Vacation Bible School and providing scholarships and school supplies to support children and families of Jamaica in three different church school regions.



Who is Reverend Estelle Walker?

The best way I can describe Reverend Estelle Walker better known as Rev E is the lady that has a huge heart for humanity.  She was introduced to Christ at a young age, she gave her life to Christ at the age of 19. Estelle received her calling to the ministry when she was 35, she accepted her calling at the age of 40.

Estelle’s home town is Baltimore Maryland. She has one daughter, three grandsons and one granddaughter. When asked what’s your favorite hobby? She said “she loves to cook”

When she was asked what are you passionate about? In her own words this is what she said. “My passion is helping those who need my help and giving them the living word that can change their lives as it changed mine.

When I was called into the ministry I knew that my call was to reach the lost, those who were outside the church walls.


I wanted everyone to know and feel the love of Christ.  This is why everything I do must be Christ center.  JOM open up a new life for me. I could feel the souls of the people I came into contact with and they could feel my soul.  God reminds me that He is love and I am to show them loving kindness. We are the light of the world so we must let our light shine.  So when you ask me what’s my passion? it is missions.  If I could travel the world to share God’s word I would, that is who I am. My goal is to complete the work God has laid upon my heart to do”

We as members of One Life At A Time Missions are so grateful and honored to have Reverend Estelle Walker as our Director.

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